The electronics sector handles not only general life power but also the main electrical and electronic system products needed in high-tech industrial fields. This sector supplies power plant auxiliary equipments (Balance of Plant), medium and high speed internal combustion power generation systems, substation equipment (high voltage transformer, gas filled switch), power transmission line facilities (steel tower, underground cable, submarine cable, telecommunication fiber cable), electric supply equipment (low voltage transformers, switchboards, various kinds of breakers), and rotary machines (motor inverters, generators).

Songlim Global is constantly striving to find and supply not only excellent brand products that are recognized all over the world, but also leading manufacturers of electric and electronic systems both in Korea and abroad. Songlim Global also offers a  wide range of services from single product supply to engineering services, turnkey projects including local transport, installation and supervision, and project with financing.

HV Transformer / GIS

Transformer, gas insulated switchgear


Diesel power plant, heavy oil power plant, gas power plant, portable small power plant


Steel Tower, Power & Submarine Cable


Mold transformer, switchgear, medium and low voltage circuit breaker


Electrical Products

Boiler, HRSG, pump, motor, generator, inverter, high-speed engine