CEO Message

It is a pleasure to greet Songlim Global customers.

As a Global Business Challenger, Songlim Global is a company that leads trading, global marketing, and management consulting, with more than 30 branches around the world. In the past few years, Songlim has become a global trading professional with global brands and global networks through our customers’ interest and support. In particular, we are expanding our global capabilities in the Middle East and Europe and are expanding our markets with the interest of emerging markets such as Africa, South America and Eastern Europe.

We are currently focusing on smart home appliances and energy industries, combined with construction equipment and IT technology, but we will expand our product portfolio in the future to become a leading comprehensive trading company. Especially, we plan to expand our products to high efficiency and eco-friendly fields and to expand our business to various fields such as medical equipment, office equipment, and kitchen equipment.

SongLim Global employees are all proud of being a “Global Trading Specialist,” and we will do our best to achieve the high quality values ​​of our customers around the world by constantly challenging our vision and goals. I would like to ask for your continued interest in the future, and support our new leap into the global market.

Thank you.

President & CEO

Seung Wook SONG