In the construction sector, we supply highly reliable products to the global market centered on world-class construction equipment and industrial vehicles, including excavators, wheel loaders, skid steer loaders, and forklifts as well as pump cars, cranes, bend trucks, and other related products based on the needs of our customers.

Songlim Global is working hard to find various reliable products that meet the needs of customers, while strengthening financing functions and promptly providing technical information and supporting parts to customers at the stage of product purchase. In addition, Songlim Global will continue to expand the sales area through developing new markets, acquiring excellent dealers for close-to-market sales, and developing new dealers.


Gas plant, petrochemical plant, refinery plant, combined cycle power plant, thermal power plant, cogeneration plant, floating oil production storage and unloading facility, semi-submersible offshore plant, fixed drilling plant, fixed marine platform


Skyscraper, airport, museum, residence facility

Infrastructure and Environment

Ports, highways, runways, water treatment and fresh water plants

Construction Equipments

Crane, fork crane, excavator, wheel loader, dump truck, concrete pump car, forklift

Building Equipment

Tile, Tile trim, Polycarbonate, Ceiling finishing materials, Door, Lighting, Paint, GRP Water Tank