Songlim Global takes the lead in the export to overseas market

Field of Business


Focusing on construction of industrial sectors such as oil and gas sector, petrochemical sector, power plants, construction of skyscraper buildings, airports, museums and residence facilities, infrastructure facilities environment and sectors such as harbors, freeways and runways, water treatment and desalination plants. Accordingly, we are focusing on supplying construction equipment and construction architecture.


As a global leader in the field of mobile communications devices, electronics and household electronics, we are actively involved in business activities with partners around the world.

Electricity Sector

We provide a variety of services ranging from supplying power equipment such as generators, transformers, and switchboards, to engineering, installation and project financing.


We are developing into the best chemical trader in the world responding to rapidly changing market changes with fast information and skilled trading techniques, to satisfy customers.


We only supply high quality products through the integrated production process from yarn to weaving and dyeing high quality fabrics of domestic production by various processing techniques.


We are working to expand and develop new markets with various types of sales activities along with other premium automobile manufacturers with high brand value in the global auto market.


We supply high-quality, renowned ships and marine equipment all over the world.

Mechanical & Environmental Equipment

With fast information and excellent marketing capability, advanced project financing techniques, we provide a large-scale industrial equipment production and infrastructure supply services.

Medicine and Medical Equipment

We are strengthening our global competitiveness with our excellent original drug pipeline, and put special effort and passion about securing and selling innovative drugs through our global network. In addition, we are expanding our marketing activities centered on customers by providing various medical devices and medical consumables.

General Consumer Goods

We provide a premium home interior that enhances elegance and value through the best quality and reasonable price.


We deliver our leading cosmetics to our customers all over the world representing our brand value through K-Pop and Korean Wave.

Management and Trade Consulting

We provide tailored consulting services based on our expertise and long experience, through the organic network of expertise from each field such as policy fund consulting to legal advice, intellectual property rights, certification examination and management consulting.