The automotive sector supplies passenger cars, commercial vehicles, specially equipped vehicles, military vehicles, engines and auto parts to the world market. We are currently work closely with the world’s leading companies that are raising brand value in the global automotive market as well as with domestic and foreign professional manufacturers who produce special purpose vehicles.

Moreover, we are developing overseas auto assembly plant construction projects and creating new business opportunities by cooperating with international financial institutions to engage in short- and medium-term financial support projects necessary to promote automobile sales. In addition, we have established strategic alliances with highly specialized automobile related companies operating in various regions of the world and are engaged in various new ways of trading, such as joint venture establishment and semi-finished product supply.


Sedan, SUV

Commercial Vehicles

Buses, trucks, specially equipped vehicles, special vehicles

Spare Parts

Transmission parts gear series, turbocharger parts, bus air conditioner system, engine parts, navigation, wheels, axles, engine & transmission, battery