In response to the rapidly changing global market based on a wide range of business networks established around the world, the chemical sector, which meets the diverse needs of our customers, offers its best engagement in the trading of not only petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel oil, but also olefins, aromatics, synthetic resins, synthetic fiber raw materials, and chemical fertilizers.

Songlim Global is developing as the best chemical trader that satisfies customers through long-term friendly relationships with leading chemical companies in both Korea and abroad, and constant development of new value-added products through fast information and skilled trading techniques.


Propylene, benzene, butadiene, toluene, mixed xylene, paraxylene, vinyl chloride monomer, o-xylene, styrene monomer, C5, C9


Polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate, polyamide, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, dioctyl phthalate, sulphide soda, plasticizer

Petroleum Products

Gasoline, naphtha, gas oil, jet / kerosene, heavy oil, asphalt

Inorganic Chemistry



Jet oil (air refueling), heavy oil (sea refueling)